The Last Lecture {Book Review}


A few years ago, I watched a touching and inspiring lecture by Randy Pausch. A last lecture is an opportunity for a professor to share knowledge from a lifetime of learning. Randy Pausch was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and given 3-6 months of good health. He decided to use some of his time to prepare a last lecture, summarizing his greatest accomplishments along with the lessons he had learned along the way.

This lecture had a profound affect on my life, especially Randy’s view of brick walls (really just an opportunity to show how badly you want something). I didn’t realize that he had also written a book to go into further depth about preparing for his last lecture. I was casually browsing the library and happened across it.

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100 Worst Ideas in History {Book Review}


My husband found this book at the library while visiting with family. Every so often, he would share some of the book, which piqued my interest in reading it.

The book is a collection of some of the worst ideas in history. There are common ones, such as the tale of Bernie Madoff, the countless opportunities to prevent the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and all the things that went wrong with the Titanic.

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You Are a Bad*ss {Book Review}


“You Are a Badass” is the first New Age book I’ve read that acknowledges that New Age concepts are flat out wonky-sounding.

If you’ve seen/read “The Secret,” or books similar to it, you know what I mean. New Age books promise you wealth and prosperity by using your mind to move the energy all around us. This is the “Law of Attraction,” which basically states like attracts like, and is all over the pages of self-help books.

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Engine 2 Diet {Book Review}


I first heard about the “Engine 2 Diet” through the popular documentary “Forks Over Knives.” I was fascinated that a group of burly fire fighters would take on the challenge of eating a plant-based diet. In my opinion, vegan food is only worth their weight if all-American, meat and potatoes kind of people love it.

“The Engine 2 Diet” (“E2” for short) starts off with a harrowing story of pulling a fellow fire fighter out of the blazes of an apartment building fire, who sustained 3rd degree burns — the worst kind — on 70% of his body, narrowly escaping death. People rarely live if more than 65% of their body is burned. Continue reading

168 Hours {Book Review}


“168 Hours: You have more time than you think” by Laura Vanderkam is a book about time management and life balance. But it’s also about career management and volunteering. And it’s about productivity and being fully present.

“168 hours” is a collection of essays — food for thought, if you will. This is terrible if you’re a smash and grab reader (get in, get out, move on), but wonderful if you love to look analytically at your life and ponder ways to make it better (as I do).

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Rad Women Worldwide {Book Review}



“Rad Women Worldwide” by Kate Schatz, illustrations by Miriam Klein Stahl, took me on a journey throughout the world and throughout time, through vastly different experiences from my own. Quick blurbs (1-2 pages each) introduced me to these extraordinary women, some of whom I had never heard of, but who I will now never forget.

The illustrations are stark black and white. The illustrator, Miriam, armed with paper and an X-Acto knife, cut the images out, line by line, bit by bit. They are beautiful, amazing and give the book a unique style.

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